Castoroil try excellent almost colorless or even slightly yellowish clear viscous liquid, need alittle smell, that style are first light and only a little sour. Its simple todissolve at ethanol, may be arbitrarily mixed with ethanol, chloroform, diethylether otherwise acetic acid. On related thickness try 956 969 in 25.Refractive index is 478 48.Castoroil have many ricinoleic acid on top eighty, in order that shows manyunique attributes very easy to soluble at ethanol, it is hard towards dissolve inpetroleum ether. This particular feature renders castor oil can be easily recognized fromother oils. Each viscosity concerning castor oils is a lot greater than the typical grease,at your temperature concerning 25 is 680CPS, viscosity index looks 84, low coefficients offriction . At the same time, castor oils is actually insoluble in gas, low freezingpoint, high-lighted. Castor oil with stur


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